I want to create desktop application using "Node JS", can I run the program without a web browser? If Yes, how?


node.js can be used to create a stand-alone desktop application. It does not have to be used only to create a web server that would be used in concert with a browser.

For example, you could write a node.js program to search through a comma delimited text file, find a bunch of data, then insert that data into a database, then output to the console how many records were inserted.

node.js can run other programs, read/write files, make connections to other servers, etc...

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Yes and amazingly simple.

Electron Logo

You need the tool called electron which is made by Github and is essentially chromium browser with tabs etc removed and a better desktop integration.

Here's an quick guide about running your apps though electron - http://electron.atom.io/docs/v0.28.0/tutorial/quick-start/

And for example of apps created through electron the most famous and arguably best is the Atom code editor by Github.

Atom preview

Electron was earlier called atom-shell.

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