I need to count the number of hours I am working on a certain project. Is there Windows 8 app or a small software that acts as a stopwatch but that can also save the elapsed time after I reboot and potentially save different elapsed times for different projects?


I use something called timeEdition. The old version works with Linux, Mac and Windows. The new version currently works with Android, IOS and they are in the process of updating it for Mac.


Actually, I have used ManicTime, it tracks individual files, that's exactly what I need.

  • Thanks for sharing your solution! But could you please edit your answer and add a few more details (see our answer quality guidelines for details)? With a link to where one can find the software, plus some details on the pricing and what makes it recommendable, your answer would be much more useful :) Thanks in advance for your update!
    – Izzy
    Jun 13 '16 at 9:07

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