I wrote a server which I test at the moment using curl. However, I can only send so many requests manually at the same time. I could bash something together which sends the requests for me, but I'm really looking for something very configurable. My bash isn't good enough for something like that.

  • Preferably runs on Linux
    • Windows is acceptable, not preferred
  • Should be able to send HTTP and HTTPS requests
  • Should be able to send many (20+) requests with different flags/destinations after each other
    • Being able to send multiple requests at once (multi-threaded) is a pre.
  • Print results either to screen or to log
  • Errors should be logged
  • Time-out to prevent one request from hanging the entire run

Example usage of curl:

curl -v -L -G -d "ID=2&Direction=45&Speed=8"

Flags, query, IP, port and pathname (all behind the port) should be configurable. Preferably with ranges where reasonable.

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