I am looking for a team communication tool combining the advantages of Slack and Co-Meeting.

Absolute requirements:

  • All content invisible to outsiders.
  • Anyone with a "@mygroup.com" email can join my group.
  • Channels can be visible to whole group, or invite-only.
  • For each message, see sender and time.
  • Channel notifications can be configured (eg. mute this channel)
  • Keyword-matching notifications that override channel settings.
  • Threaded discussion
  • Text visible to all while typing.
  • Several users can edit the same message at the same time (like in co-meeting and Google Docs)
  • Jump to next unread message by pressing space or similar. Jumps to next channel when all messages are read in current channel.
  • Messages can be edited after sending, but are marked with time of last modification.
  • Desktop/laptop-oriented web site.

Less important requirements:

  • Android app and iOS app, or mobile website.
  • Integration with Github/Bitbucket/Google Code (commits and issue tracker updates appear in a channel).
  • For each message, easily like/dislike/mark as task. Such marks are visible by all.
  • All features also work with Japanese names (unlike Slack).
  • Ability to mute a particular thread.

Can cost money.

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