Looking for free (doesn't have to be open source) software that can print barcodes pulling in data from a database (ODBC, JDBC, etc). Keyed input would be preferable where you enter in an item number and the details of that record is pulled from the database and a label is printed with the various bits printed on the label.

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I would suggest installing python, then adding pyBarcode with pip install pyBarcode

  • Python comes with a wide range of database interface libraries, either in the standard library or as free plug in components, including ODBC
  • You can currently pick barcode formats from:
    • code39
    • code128
    • ean
    • ean13
    • ean8
    • gs1
    • gtin
    • isbn
    • isbn10
    • isbn13
    • issn
    • jan
    • pzn
    • upc
    • upca
  • Output of the pyBarcode is a .pgn image
  • I would suggest generating a page with the bar code and any surrounding text into a file format that your OS/Installed Software understands how to print, rather than worrying about specific printers), Candidates that can be easily created from python include:
    • HTML (if you have a Web Browser)
    • PDF (if you have Adobe PDF Viewer)
    • DOCX (if you have Word)
    • ODF (if you have LibreOffice)
  • It is all free, Open Source & cross platform
  • You could extend it to allow multiple IDs to be specified and the results to be laid out in the output document so as to save paper.
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    Was looking for a GUI since the product will be used for non-technical people. I appreciate your effort though.
    – Sun
    Commented Jun 17, 2015 at 17:38
  • You have a choice of ways of adding a gui - ipython notebook, wxpython, tk or qt. Commented Jun 17, 2015 at 19:37

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