Looking for API where books can look up. I want to pass a keyword and get back list of book titles and thumbnails. Like Rotten Tomatoes for movies. I want to use it for book recommendation.

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Goodreads API

Goodreads has an API that allows you to fetch all sorts of information about books. You can access them when you register for a developer key. Below is the one that matches your question:

Get the reviews for a book given a title string

Get an xml response that contains embed code for the iframe reviews widget, which shows an excerpt (first 300 characters) of the most popular reviews of a book for a given title/author. The book shown will be the most popular book that matches all the keywords in the input string. The reviews are from all known editions of the book.

URL: https://www.goodreads.com/book/title.FORMAT (sample url)

HTTP method: GET


format: xml or json

key: Developer key (required).

title: The title of the book to lookup.

author: The author name of the book to lookup. This is optional, but is recommended for accuracy.

rating: Show only reviews with a particular rating (optional)

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