I have been developing applications using Ruby on Rails with Eclipse for a few years. I use the Aptana Studio plug-in for this purpose.

Recently I started developing with Django and for that purpose have been using PyDev. The Aptana plugin bundles a rather old version of PyDev that is largely non-functional on Eclipse Luna. I definitly need to update PyDev, but that will remove the Aptana plug-in.

Is there any alternative plug-in for Eclipse I could use for Ruby on Rails? This could be just a combination of other plug-ins that ease development, terminal, etc.

Update I

So far I could not find any alternative plug-in for Ruby on Rails development. However, combining the following plug-ins one gets a good degree of support:

I run rails and rake in the command line; I also debug through the command line (e.g. using binding.pry). Editing .erb files is the trickiest bit, the Ruby editor is ok, but in legacy code I have a great deal of JS in these files; in such cases I used VJET.

With this setup Eclipse runs considerably lighter than with Aptana.

Update II

A fortnight ago VJet stopped functioning. I am now using the JavaScript Development Tools in its place; it is also fit for the purpose.

Update III

Users willing to share their experiences with Ruby on Rails development on Eclipse are invited to do so in this thread at StackOverflow.

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