I like to use Torch Browser which is basically Chrome with some built-in functionality to download multimedia - straight out of the box, no plug-ins required.

Unfortunately, extensive googling has found a lot of junk sites which claim to have a portable version, but don't. The absence of such a thing on both the Torch site and http://portableapps.com/ convinces me that it doesn’t exist.

Can anyone suggest an alternative?

[Update] Thanks for the suggestion, @Alejandro, but I would rather not have to launch a VM specifically for this porpoise.

- run on Windows - be gratis
- be portable

Highly desirable
- can download multi-media without the need for extra plug-ins or configuration

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    For the vast majority of programs, making a portable version is just a matter of installing it temporarily (in a disposable VM if needed) and copying its program files folder out of it. Have you tried that?
    – Alejandro
    Jun 10, 2015 at 10:22

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Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is another web browser based on Chromium. It comes with a built in media downloader.


1 The portable version is seleced during installation (same setup file as the non-portable version)

2 Note that you still need admin privileges to install and update the browser, but after that, it can run on a USB stick or copied between computers.

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