There is Xeger, a library for finding valid input to a regular expression. That means, it does the opposite of what you usually do with Regex. I'm using this for fuzz-testing at the moment.

I'm looking for a similar library in C#, preferably .NET 4.0. It should work on Windows Vista SP2 and later.

It needs to work with the MS toolchain, not necessarily with Mono.

It may be commercial.

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A similar question was asked on Stack Overflow but it might get closed as off-topic since it is a tool recommendation.

The answer by Roman was:

From what I could find, Xeger is the most popular solution, but it is in Java.

However, apparently there is a C# version: Fare.
If you read the description, they say that Xeger was partially ported into Fare application, but not fully.

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