Looking for a modern tool on OSX that directs links from other apps automatically to different browsers. Kind of a middle man taking the spot of the default browser and then automatically directing the link to a real browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

I want to create rules depending on link patterns and or source application where the link get directed to: e.g., "Local (file) links go to Safari", "Links from Mail go to Chrome" and "All other links go to Firefox".

I found Choosy and it does what I want it to do, but it is rather old, not recently maintained (last build is from 2009) and has some glitches with OSX Spaces.

So I am looking for another, a modern tool directing websites to different browsers.

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Eventually I wrote my own tool for this: Brosel It does not have a GUI, but the redirection rules live in a plain text file and are easily edited.

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