In 2001, Sun created the Pet Shop Store application. The application was implemented on many technology stacks (even .NET later) so developers could compare mesaures like development time and learning curve.

I am looking for a similar application as I would like to measure the technology stack we implemented. The application should meet the following requirements:

  • is as simple as possible (we would not like to spend weeks or months to implement it)
  • has a good system design documentation
  • implemented on many stacks for comparison
  • has authentication and authorization
  • has a modern web design
  • has to handle AJAX queries (and optionally websocket, or other newer query types)
  • needs to store some persistent data

I think Todo applications are commonly used to evaluate technology stacks. For example there is TodoMVC with examples for many JavaScript frameworks.

A full example including the backend of such an application (using Java 8, Spark, MongoDB, and AngularJS) is provided in this blog post for example.

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