I am currently working on a group project and heared of a way to quickly generate a virtual machine with different programs pre installed such as eclipse, android studio possibly apache and tomcat. I think the VM generator uses script but I am not sure. I am tiered of recreating VM all the times and setting up different programs on them.

Can someone give me a good and easy VM generator? I am looking for something that will minimize the human factor.


The tool you're looking for is vagrant I'd imagine.

Generally my approach for this is to find a good base box (I use the Debian boxes from BoxCutter) and then provide a provisioning shell script to install the various packages/configure things.

Both the vagrantfile and the provisioning script are committed to the repo so other contributors can use it with a simple vagrant up


What worked for me was Packer used with Bento

https://www.packer.io/ https://www.bento.io/

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