Due to Yahoo! closing its amazing Pipes service on August 31, 2015, one is looking for offline RSS processing engines that can import the logic of a Yahoo pipe from a file and actually replicate the result generating an RSS feed.


  • Written in well-known scripting or compilable languages
  • As a minimum, working on Unix, but desirable as a cross-platform solution
  • Gratis
  • Open source
  • As small train of dependencies as possible

It would be great to have Pipes' web interface - but not directly necessary.


I would suggest taking a look at pipe2py you can see it hosted on Google App Engine.

  • Python is definitely a well known language
  • It is python so should be cross platform
  • Gratis
  • Open Source hosted on github
  • The requirements.txt file is only 13 lines long so I don't think that the dependencies are excessive
  • Even handles cases where the original pipe had user prompts.

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