I am looking for Free on-screen keyboard software for GNU/Linux that provides feature of changing font.

I know there is onboard available but I can't find any setting for changing font in preferences. Though it has ability to choose custom-layout but I've to make it.

Something like: On windows, the on-screen keyboard has this option: screenshot1

So-that I can set font and watch new layout: screenshot2

As explained if I've fonts of another/different language than it is very useful to work by means of this layout according to font!

Note: this is not actually changing language or input-sources but only fonts

So, I am looking for FOSS that provides feature of changing fonts.


Florence is an extensible free on-screen keyboard, which allows you to change fonts.

Florence keyboard

To change settings (including fonts), click at the "tool" key on the left side (1st column) of the keyboard. Then you may change fonts at the "Style" tab in settings.


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