I’ve been looking for a very simple, low footprint Windows XMPP client. So far, every client I’ve tried looks "full-featured", installs a bunch of libraries and uses 30 MB of RAM or more in task manager. I’ve tried Psi, Gajim, Pidgin, and Coccinella.

For comparison, some popular non-XMPP chat clients use less memory: mIRC uses only 15 MB of RAM, and Softros LAN Messenger uses 4 MB.

Isn’t there something more simple or an app that was designed/optimized for Windows specifically?


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Just another Jabber client seems to fit my requirement, currently using 12MB ram as per task manager. It's windows-only, which is what I was looking for.


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You can try Jitsi.

Its a XMPP and VoIP client and it's lightweight as you want. I was using it in Windows for almost a year and I never got more than 20MB of ram in task manager.

As a plus, I used other XMPP clients but neither of them has a easy configuration like Jitsi.

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