Is there a Cygwin alternative for OS X's pbcopy?

From Mac Developer Library man page

pbcopy, pbpaste - provide copying and pasting to the pasteboard (the Clipboard) 
from command line
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Apparently Cygwin has /dev/clipboard, so you can do stuff like echo test >/dev/clipboard.

See also Fun with Cygwin's /dev/clipboard


Microsoft Windows has a native solution that you can also use in Cygwin: clip. For example:

systeminfo | clip

Further details: Microsoft TechNet.


I've got the following in my ~/.bash_profile, which essentially adds OS X's pbcopy and pbpaste to Cygwin:

if [ -e /dev/clipboard ]; then        
    alias pbcopy='cat >/dev/clipboard'
    alias pbpaste='cat /dev/clipboard'

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