Looking through the many available WordPress plugins I still have not found one that gives only the admin (or let's say all users that have access to the WP backend) a simple list of post titles + view counts. I do not want readers to see the counts.

  • Tabular view
  • Simple sort options (alphabetic/count/date)
  • Free
  • Page names instead of post titles is fine too
  • Should list both pages and posts


  • Limited to a period (e.g. last month/year)
  • Categorized by WP category or tag

Of course I can go to Google Analytics, but I want something much simpler.


Admin Management Xtended has feature of renaming tags, assigning , sorting etc. Install and check the site for features.{https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-management-xtended/}

You can try Featured Image Column, it's free . https://wordpress.org/plugins/featured-image-column/

Alternatively, you can try Admin Columns, it's free. The Pro version of this have Sortable, filterable and editable columns & import/export feature. Open Wordpress Official site and search for 'codepress-admin-columns'. I'm unable to post due to new account restrictions.


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    I don't see anything in your answer regarding view counts, neither do any of the mentioned plugins. – user416 Aug 22 '16 at 16:18

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