Just a piece of graph paper but on my laptop.

Needed features:

  1. List item
  2. Grid snapping switch
  3. Line tool
  4. Curve tool
  5. Different colors
  6. Fill tool, not just for individual squares but also to fill shapes
  7. Square tool (optional since i can draw one with the line tool)
  8. Circle tool
  9. Zooming and moving around the graph paper
  10. Change size of the graph paper
  11. Text tool (wich also needs to be able to snap to grid)
  12. Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, Delete
  13. Save / Load
  14. A bunch of extra stuff I'll probably never use but is handy to have just in case
  15. Support for macro's (optional)
  16. Support for plugins (optional)
  17. Free

Even though it's not really 'free' I tried to use MS Excel 2010 which I had laying around but it lacked the ability to draw circles & curves that snap to the grid.



Xfig is a vector drawing program for Linux. It can be installed on Windows through Cygwin/X, or you can use the freemium alternative WinFIG.


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