I am looking for a library for a popular programming language (Java, Ruby, Python, C etc) to show a changing linear graph, displayed as a part of GUI.

Other part of program would continue to supply data what should be used to display graph that would continue to update, without interaction from user. I would expect displayed graph to look more or less like following image:

example graph

(graph is from http://www.csee.umbc.edu/~msmith27/readings/public/nowak-1993a.pdf)

I want it for "a popular programming language" as it would be only part of program and I am not interested in using something like NetLogo.

For reference - I want to make a program that would visualise spatial prisoner's dilemma (Lindgren's Model) - basically combining Game of Life and the Prisoner's Dilemma.

related to Software/library for generation and real-time updating of network graph (nodes and edges) on website with MySql data but I want avoid displaying graph on a website and I strongly prefer to not use a database.

My main additional requirement is that it should be open-source. I would prefer a maintained library or at least one that is finished and with a good documentation.

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