Can anyone recommend a portable screencast recorder for Windows?


  1. Portable
  2. Works on Windows 7
  3. High enough definition to have all recorded text legible
  4. Record only a specified area of the screen
  5. Gratis (freeware)

Preferences (none required)

  1. Open-source
  2. Also able to record the entire screen
  3. Export to a variety of media formats (mpg, avi, gif)
  4. Ability to extract specific frames

Not Needed

  1. Ability to record high-speed video games

Easy Screencast Recorder is a program to easily record short videos of your desktop, that you can share with others.

It can be run portably, and can record audio and video using any installed codecs (including webm). Easily record entire screen, multimon workspace, or specific region.


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