I'm looking for an efficient system for recording, authorizing and storing company policies for a small business of under 50 employees. I've looked into a couple different Wiki (MediaWiki) and CMS systems (WordPress), but I'm just not sure.

An example workflow would be, one board member developed a policy, which then has to be reviewed and approved by the entire board.

Any recommendations?

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    Do you mean something specific by "policy", like ACL for some specific tool? – Nemo Oct 6 '15 at 11:52

I would consider JIRA from Atlassian, you can opt for a hosted or self-hosted setup. It will allow you to assign tasks (ie. development of a policy) and then within each task, create sub-tasks (ie. review by 1 or more person(s)). Quite possibly overkill but it will get the job done and allow for tracking of the entire process.

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