I am looking for a free iOS app that shows my GPS position.

As a background, it should show maps up to street level, for instance using locally downloaded OpenStreetMap data like OsmAnd does.


  • Works 100% offline (except the first time when downloading maps data)
  • Free
  • iOS
  • Maps available for the whole world
  • Bonus if I can pin places as "bookmarks"

Not needed: search, navigation.


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OsmAnd actually has an iOS version now.

  • Works 100% offline (to the best of my knowledge)
  • Free
  • Supports all the maps OsmAnd for Android does (which is most of the world)
  • Supports bookmarks
  • Trip Recordiong
  • Markers
  • OpemStreetMap Editing And more!

The iOS version does not support navigation at this time.

(source: mzstatic.com)

(source: mzstatic.com)


I recommend Maps.Me. It is available free of charge, for iOS or Android.

It uses data from OpenStreetMap. Maps are available for the whole world, you can download complete countries or regions to use offline.

It will use GPS to show your location on the map. You can add bookmarks for places of interest, and these bookmarks can be shared or imported/exported as KML files.

It also allows searching and basic routing to places. It all works offline.

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