I have a web application that I need to present, but I have no internet connection in the presentation place.

Is there an existing piece of software to make my application look like it's online?

I don't want to display video. I want a means to simulate my app through software.

From some googling I found some software prototype like Marvel, but it works online.


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I do agree with Steve that you are probably going to need a server, however, I have found that people can have trouble setting up and using Apache. And even when they do, they may still need to install MySql.

What you need is a WAMP server. One of the most popular is XAMPP. I have been recommending it for years and, more importantly, using it for years to do just what you want to (additionally, I do all of my web development locally, not on my actual website and this facilitates that).

It will give you an Apache server (already configured), plus PHP and MySql if you need them (a few other things too, which I don't use).

If you install to the default location, then the server localhost will be at C:\xampp\htdocs. Just copy your stuff there and point your browser at, for instance, http://localhost/index.html.

If you want to use your files in their current directory, then you need to change the server root in a configuration file as explained here.

It is really all quite simple, but feel free to ask questions if it is not clear.


If your application is not too reliant on server side processing you can simply:

  1. Download/Install to your PC the same directory structure as would exist on your server.
  2. Open your browser and set it to file://Where/You/Put/It/index.html

For a simple web server start with 1. above, install python and in a command window, cd to the top directory above and enter python -m SimpleHTTPServer then open your browser and browse to http://localhost:8000 or for an app that relies on CGI processing you can use the CGIHTTPServer module.

Other than that I would suggest running a full web server such as Apache on your demo machine, (much easier under Linux).

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