I would like to automatically crawl about 1 million URLs (on a CSV file) and check whether the sites provide a Facebook Login button (i.e., users can create accounts by connecting their Facebook account to the site). Then, I would like to record for which sites these buttons were found.

I would also like to check whether the site uses HTTPS and makes use of cookies.

What are good tools?

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I would suggest python possibly plus the scrapy library.

  • Free & Open Source
  • Python comes with a CSV library so you can quickly read and parse your csv file
  • Python has several url and web access libraries that can do what you need
  • Scapy simplifies getting and parsing the web pages.

If you need to crawl certain website for links, you may try sitechecker web crawler or screaming frog. They have a convenient interface and many useful functions: 1) website monitoring 2) detecting certain URLs 3) explore internal links and their anchors


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