Years ago -- probably last century, haha -- I used a little app for Windows that would synchronize with the system clock and set the desktop wallpaper to the appropriate image from a set of time lapse photographs of a scene (I remember it came with a beautiful image of San Francisco Bay). I'm about 99% sure it was called "Sundial".

Does anyone know if a similar program exists today? Alternatively, is there a way to download a Windows theme that consists of time lapse images, and set the wallpaper change interval to achieve the same effect?

  • It might be significant to mention which version of Windows you would like this to run on. May 13, 2015 at 20:42

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I currently use a program called Johns Background Switcher that you could configure to do this. It doesn't come with a time lapse feature per-say but you can easily setup a folder full of images and then set it to change pictures how ever often you want (anywhere from every 10 seconds to every 7 days). I thought it had an option to not shuffle the pictures, because it has a lot more options than the standard Windows 7 slideshow (if that's what version you're on), but I just looked and it doesn't. This wouldn't be hard to integrate into the app though and I'm sure if sent the developer a request for it he would add it.

The other option I might look into would be a program called Stardock Descapes. Descapes won't change a picture based on the time of day but it can add some really cool motion to your desktop and there are a ton of 'dreams' in their archives that you can download. You should easily be able to find a few in there you like, or even create your own. Their is a 'free trial' button on their websit but for some reason it takes you to a page which asks you to buy it, so I don't know that the issue is there. It's worth the $10 lifetime license though. I'm planning to get one eventually. Hope this helps and you can make one of these options work for you!

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