I have several features that are an absolute must. I want to be able to save products from the web (and preferably Android apps) to a categorized list (preferably with subcategories). For instance, if I find a new scarf online that I have my heart set on, I want to be able to save it to a 'Clothing' list (with the url of the page attached), under a subcategory of 'Winter Gear'. That's it.

I'm basically trying to migrate the shopping folder I have in Firefox into an easily manageable list app so I can edit it and save new products to it from my phone. It would be a major bonus if I could easily share a product page from within my current shopping apps (Macys, REI, etc.) to the list app as well. I will continue to look online for a solution but if someone else knows of an app that can do this please let me know.

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I found exactly what I was looking for. It's called Beans Wishlist. It has almostevery single feature I mentioned including the ability to save products from websites and Android apps, so awesome! It doesn't currently let you put them into categories or subcategories, but I left feedback requesting that feature be added, so hopefully it will soon. Update: Beans Wishlist is still a viable option but I found a better app that includes cloud backup and just works better imho called Wish Explorer. It's not perfect but works for me most of the time. Sometimes it won't find the correct picture or price but both can be input manually.

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