I'm going to be developing a medium-sized application for some research for my Master's degree. The application will be a tool for creating 3D animation, with some secret sauce mixed in. The tool doesn't need to be industrial-strength; it's just going to be a proof-of-concept. It's more important that I have the ability to rapidly create a GUI and avoid reinventing the wheel as much as possible. I've already created a pre-prototype with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, Three.js, Webix) which worked very well, however, I'd like to improve my C++ skills with this next prototype. I'd like to be able to compile to Windows and Linux (I think our animation lab computers have Red Hat).

Right now, QT is at the top of my list because it's cross-platform and has pretty good GUI-building tools. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is very much built-in support for 3D graphics.

I've also found the Cinder framework, which includes a few 3D graphics classes, but I don't know whether it can be easily used with a GUI framework.

Is there a solution (or combination of solutions) which has these abilities?

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