RespondCMS is an open source CMS/WYSIWYG website builder. It allows you to host a website builder and create your own templates. Visitors can then create their own websites using the templates you've previously made available and after a trial period pay a monthly fee to use their own domain name and gain access to advanced features.

Does anyone know of any others like this? Another established example is: http://share.ez.no/

What I'm looking for is a framework to use for my own small click-and-drag website builder business. My friends and I, around 10 of us, want to make hundreds of templates over the next few years.

Many thanks for your help!

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WordPress has exactly what you're looking for. It supports multi-site and with a few plugins, you can have all the features you need. Here is a list,


Rubedo is an open source multi-site CMS. It’s a perfect option for multiple websites:

  • You can share content between sites
  • Centralised administration
  • In-line publishing capabilities
  • Supports multi language

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