I would like my users to be able to interactively crop an image I have in memory (I can write it as a file if necessary).

Is there such a library, compatible with the GNU-GPLv3 Open Source license?


  • Input: an image as memory object (file would be OK too as long as required format is common enough)
  • Output: cropped image, preferably with a choice of PNG or JPG
  • Interactive: Crop the image by moving cursors/rectangle or similar
  • Works offline
  • Java
  • GNU-GPLv3-compatible


  • Zoom feature not especially needed
  • Quality loss is OK
  • Do you care what language? Is online via API okay? Also wondering about pricing? (Mainly just bumping but also I know an online option if that is of interest) May 15, 2014 at 22:02

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https://github.com/Yalantis/uCrop is licensed under "the Apache License, Version 2.0" and can be used in java (see sample app)

Unfortunately parts are implemented in c++

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