At Wikivoyage we write articles about touristic destinations, for instance one article about Manhattan Financial District, one article about Manhattan Chinatown, etc. Areas often get rezoned, merged, split, moved, as article content changes.

So, we need a good way to collaboratively split the world into sectors, a bit like this:

Wikivoyage sectors

These limits are not official or anything: They are defined and modified all the time by Wikivoyage editors.


  • Ability to move area points, split/merge areas
  • Areas can contain sub-areas, for instance Manhattan is inside New york City
  • Ability to zoom: From continent to city neighbourhoods
  • Data can be exported
  • Collaboration à la Github: forking/pull requests or similar
  • Anybody can fork and start modifying sectors, without having to wait for any approval
  • Free
  • Either hosted or run on our server

The software does not have to be map-specific, any software for splitting huge images into sectors is acceptable.

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