I'm looking for a piece of software that can remove the background of a video for free. Similar to Adobe Premiere, which I plan on buying soon but cannot currently.


  • Free
  • Can remove the green screen without leaving trails behind (if it isn't noticeable that is okay)
  • Doesn't have to be PERFECTLY green (so shadows etc don't mess it up)

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The free version of Lightworks is a video editor that enables you to (amongst other things):

  • perform a chroma key on a clip (in other words: "it removes the green screen"),
  • export the result with a resolution of 720p.

It is a powerful piece of software that takes a bit of practice to get used to the ergonomic of the controls but there are some good tutorials on the internet.

Exporting a 1080p video is a feature only available with the "Pro" version (i.e. the "not gratis" version).


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