I have a video that presents a bunch of slides (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V7WOMICC08). I would like to get the slides from it. I am therefore looking for a program that would:

  • automatically automatically extract the slides from a video
  • can take several videos as input

And if possible:

  • works on Windows 7
  • free
  • with GUI

It seems to be more or less possible using ffmpeg, but I hope there exist other tools for this purpose, or some nice wrappers for ffmpeg.

  • Can you specify the video format? Must it support web or would you have .mp4 (for example) version of the youtube video you posted. – Lyndon White Mar 3 '14 at 6:01
  • No need to support web. Should support as many common video formats as possible but even just one (e.g. mp4) is fine. – Franck Dernoncourt Mar 3 '14 at 6:43

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