Looking for a Windows software that lets you

  • convert images from PNG to JPG or vice-versa
  • optimize images, there's several algorithms out there for this, like
  • reducing size by reducing the JPEG quality from 100 to ~80 or something
  • reduce resolution
  • right click on image to bring up the tasks dialog
  • bulk operation on multiple images

If it's Freeware, awesome, but paid will do too.

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You are looking for Image Magick calls from the command line can:

  • Convert images between a lot of different formats
  • Optimize to a given luminance and chromanance separately e.g. convert -quality 80,80 somepict.jpg somepict80.jpg
  • Reduce size e.g. 'convert "somepict.jpg[100x100]" small.jpg` will resize to a max of 100 pixels.
  • Right click: no it is a command line tool
  • bulk operations - yes.

Free - Yes and cross platform.

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    You could make a script for Image Magick, and add it to the "Send to" menu in Windows. Then you can just right click on an image to run it. eg morethantechnical.com/2012/08/09/…
    – vclaw
    Apr 27, 2015 at 0:57

I am not sure if the particular imag-size optimizations will be available out of the box - but for fast, user friendly, image transformation using a Graphical Interface, a nice, if obscure, tool is "photobatch" (or "phatch").

It allows you to put together a pipeline of operaiotions (like resize, rotate, change format) and apply that to whole folders at once. Not sure how well it can be fine tuned to work on a single image from the file navigator.

Ah, I just saw your final requirement for "cross platform" - so I think it is right on.

Home: http://photobatch.stani.be/

Docs: http://photobatch.wikidot.com/

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