I'm looking for tool which would allow me to parse JSON from a pipeline. Like converting it to some other common formats which are easier to parse or sort or to retrieve certain elements (like XPath).


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This "json" tool I found is very flexible.

json is a fast CLI tool for working with JSON. It is a single-file node.js script with no external deps (other than node.js itself).

Example usage:

$ echo '{"foo":"bar"}' | json foo

$ echo '{"fred":{"age":42}}' | json fred.age    # '.' for property access

$ echo '{"age":10}' | json -e 'this.age++'
  "age": 11

Docs/features at http://trentm.com/json/

A list of alternative tools is also given at the bottom which are:

  • Can you add some information about why this would be a good tool for the OP - especially if the conversion is possible? We like more than just link-only answers on SE sites. Thanks.
    – user416
    Feb 9, 2017 at 21:24

You can use pythons supplied JSON Library to parse into python objects and then output in a variety of other formats also supported either by the python library or by additional libraries. These include XML/xpath.

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