I am looking for some app I can run on a server (hosted website or some other service) or link from it, that will deliver the latest podcast file from an RSS feed or iTunes XML feed in this simple way:

A link to: http://server.com/script?http://podcastfeedurl

Will send back/deliver: Latest MP3 file parsed from the feed

My use case is that I want to simply link to -just- the latest podcast file from my 1 Radio News Android app and web site - http://1radionews.com - and have it play.

There are a handful of world news broadcasters that provide a static MP3 file - http://1radionews.com/radio-news-on-demand-hourly-news/ - that I include in my app on-demand. But many radio news sites just have a podcast feed for their hourly news casts or daily English language programming.

As I am trying to provide the absolute quickest uncomplicated way to play the latest news from great news radio sources without needing a relatively complicated podcasting app, I figure with the right code/web-app, served from the right place I can help people get to the freshest news.

I imagine the software service running on my basic Linux web-hosted site (Hostgator) or some other site well suited to running the service ... I am open. I have thought about code being built into my app, but if this is web-based I can use with my app (it can play a simple mp3 file on-demand and many web stream powered by ffmpeg) and my website. If I can simply put the podcast feed into the URL and end up with a resulting MP3 file being delivered back my existing app can just play the file as could a web browser for that matter.

Here are example feeds I'd like to parse: BBC, Marketplace.

Requirements summed up:

  • web-app or web-service
  • something I can host on my Linux server or a web-service I can link to
  • parses RSS ot iTunes feeds
  • returns the newest item of the parsed feed
  • feed URL can be passed to it in a simple way


  • Not sure if this is helpful, but this video shows just how simple it is to play the latest headlines from static MP3 files: youtube.com/watch?v=BEGAVRVo5Pw – Steven Clift Apr 21 '15 at 17:14
  • 1
    Thanks for the helpful feedback, Steven! Remember you can always edit your post to improve it – and in fact should do so especially when providing additional details (they might get lost in comments). I've done that for you, and also adjusted a few words to prevent your question from being "closed" for being off-topic (the "code" thingy). Please check if it fits your needs this way; if so, please also delete the comments which I already integrated (makes it easier to deal with the question). Wish you good luck and good answers – fingers crossed! – Izzy Apr 21 '15 at 18:09
  • 2
    PS: Maybe someone knows a library you could use. I take it that would be acceptable as well (to integrate in your app). For that it would be useful to know what programming language your app uses (PHP? Perl? Python?) – Izzy Apr 21 '15 at 18:10

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