Similar to Chrome extension to mute all but the active tab I'm having problems with multiple tabs playing music at the same time. I save all my tabs when closing Chrome. Eventually I end up with a lot of YouTube tabs which get loaded when reopening Chrome.

How can I pause "music tabs" (SoundCloud, for example. YouTube videos are also sufficient) or stop loading those tabs when opening Chrome?

The problem with the Mute Inactive Tabs extension is, that the music/video gets loaded anyway thus reducing available bandwidth. If I have 20 existing tabs when opening Chrome but actually want to listen to a new one this becomes a serious issue.

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Try MuteTab

Lets you stop or close potentially noisy tabs (or pause if it is YouTube, QuickTime, or HTML5 video.)

enter image description here

  • "Enable autostop background tabs" doesn't work correctly in my case. I have to manually click on it everytime I want to pause/mute backround tabs. Is there an extension that blocks music automatically when you change your current tab. That would be awsome! Tnx.
    – Davidenko
    Mar 11, 2016 at 8:47

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