Can someone recommend a local network throughput tester?

Specifically, testing throughput between network clients, not to/from the internet.

Required Features:

  • Test throughput between clients, in both directions
  • Quickly determine throughput (aka network thruput)
  • Reliable: when there is no network traffic, results should be consistent
  • Windows compatible
  • No advertising within application
  • Works offline (meaning on networks not connected to the internet)
  • Does not install any drivers
  • Gratis

Preferred (but not required) Features:

  • Portable (no installation)
  • Determine latency within network

Bonus Feature (not required):

  • Open-source

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Microsoft has a free tool that does what you want. Its called the NTttcp Utility. I am fairly positive it meets all your listed requirements.

I have used it and it works and is fairly easy to use.

  • Thanks! I'll check it out. Do you know if it has to install drivers? Sep 29, 2015 at 20:51

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