I have a directory containing many markdown files as well as other directories containing markdown files. I have everything in version control and don't really want to re-organize everything, but I would like to be able to convert the contents of the directory to an html wiki. (I like the style of GitHub's wiki pages). Is there a simple tool out there that can do this? I would prefer something written in Ruby.

I found these two gems:

This issue is github/markup can only convert markdown to html. It can't automatically generate a complete wiki. Gollum seems like what I want. But does a lot more than I want. Is there something simpler than Gollum?

Thanks in advance!

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For a full wiki you should take a look at gitit it can generate a wiki from a set of markdown pages, including having a directory structure, is git aware and can produce a set of wiki pages from markdown, (and a lot of other stuff), by using pandoc for the input processing.

  • It looks a lot easier to use than gollum.

If you just would like to make a set of static pages from your markdown you should take a look at Jekyll as used by github pages - with the addition of a few extra files your markdown should be simple to change into a static web site.

  • Jekyll is written in Ruby
  • Use html or markdown as input
  • Templating available
  • and plugins
  • getting started is simple.

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