On Mac OS I am using CodeRunner for snippets and API methods quick testing (you don't need to create project etc., just selecting language and write/test code). Is something similar available for Linux?

I want to run Java code (classes), Python, PHP with single click and without creating/saving files every time. Is it possible on Linux?

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    Sounds like you want a text editor with the built-in ability to run your code. For python and PHP at least they also have interactive modes (php -a) and python that allow you to execute your code and receive instant output. – Huey Apr 14 '15 at 13:10

iPython has always provided an interactive environment that will let you execute your code python directly. For quite some time there have also been a QT console and iPython notebooks.

From version 3.0 onwards iPython has provided "magic's" for embedding code in Cython, R, Octave, Javascript, Bash, Perl or Ruby - (all assuming that you have them installed on your system.

There is currently a move to shift the cross language side over to a new project called Jupyter which will integrate the back ends and be more language agnostic but for the moment I would have a play with iPython.

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