UPDATE: @Jan Doggen, please spend some time actually read my question and try to understand it instead of bashing it. You first thought "the answers suggested there do not meet my criteria" was already wrong, because what I was saying is that you can't find anything from suggested answer there, as all the answers are blank page now.

You then point out that it is possible duplicate, but PLEASE read my question again, your "new finding" is actually the first thing that I put in my OP. And I made it clear that "The previous one is not providing the answer". For anyone starting to pick a good screenshot annotation tools, is it a good idea to use the stalled information and force them to use the defunct and un-maintained tool if there are newer and better tools out there?

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but greater privilege comes with greater responsibility. Please excise them with care.

Original OP:

As there hasn't been a good screenshot annotation tools on Linux, preferable GTK based, I'm putting the question here, as the previous one, Simple program to edit screenshots (add texts and arrows, mark stuff) on Linux, it's answer/solution has gone defunct. None of the given links gives me anything now:


OK, back to the question, mainly a summary from the reddit question,

Basically, I'm looking for something like Greenshot (open source but Windows only tool). You just can capture region, last-region, it has window detection, built in editor with easy to set-up-and-edit-later-arrows, obfuscation, cropping, text etc. It's time saver and it's really nice tool.

As for all tools I tested,

  • Gimp is out of the question because it requires quite a lot of kung-fu for basic stuff. See the reddit question for details.
  • Shutter is defunct and out of maintenance. Moreover, it has "too much Ubuntu cruft"
  • Gpaint, the Paintbrush clone for GNOME, lacks the fundamental undo/redo option, which make it practically useless.
  • mtpaint is just anther Paintbrush clone that can't foot the required bill easily
  • imagemagick can do only very basic annotation but can't support drawing the box, arrow, or circle.
  • Also, neither the following archlinux wiki links have the tools that I'm looking for,


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    it's answer/solution has gone defunct?? Are you saying that all the answers suggested there do not meet your criteria? In that case, this does not merit opening a new question and the one should be closed as a duplicate.
    – user416
    Apr 12 '15 at 14:30
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    I thought I was quite clear. Maybe you need to open it up and check? The answer/solution it gave points to shutter-project.org, and that has gone defunct. Can you make anything out from that answer? Can you still see the blog shutter-project.org/2010/05/how-to-reanimate-disabled-features? Can you download anything from there? Clearer this time?
    – xpt
    Apr 12 '15 at 18:30
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    If, despite your best efforts, you feel questions aren’t getting good answers, you can help by offering a bounty on any question more than two days old. (quoted from our help center on "What should I do if no one answers my question?"). Hint: Editing the question – e.g. giving more details – brings it back to the front-page (on the "activity" tab), and thus also attracts potential answerers. // Btw: Shutter still does fine for me, and didn't disappear from the repo :)
    – Izzy
    Apr 13 '15 at 7:16
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    @xpt try: launchpad.net/shutter - most recent release was less than 6 months ago. Apr 13 '15 at 17:12
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    thanks, but I'd rather avoid investing my time on such dead-end product to begin with. The home page is gone says a lot about the future of that product.
    – xpt
    Apr 13 '15 at 23:22