My goal is to invert a large dense matrix in a distributed environment.

I would like a library which would be "easily" integrated in a C++ application, thus it would be ideal that the library has a C/C++ interface or/and implementation.

A good candidate was ScalaPACK, but what I need is in Fortran (awaiting confirmation from the developers).

Another good candidate was SuperLU, but it is for sparse matrices.

PS - "distributed-computing" and "linear-algebra" would be nice to exist as tags, but I do not have the rep to create them.

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The main contender for replacing ScaLAPACK seems to be SLATE (repository, manual). It targets distributed systems (including accelerators) for dense linear algebra. It is implemented in C++ and provides additional C and Fortran APIs.


So far I got

enter image description here enter image description here

I would happy to know that there is more.

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