Anyone have experience using Brackets? (the tool, not literal brackets)

Anyone have any suggested tools, solutions or advice?

The Plot Spaghetti Bowl Disorganized, Very Unconventional and Legacy Code Needs Temporary Fix.

I began a new project and this time the code is probably the worse mess I've been confronted with.

What I've tried I went through several IDEs, Wysiwygs, and other tools to find one that might be able to organize php, html, css and js code that often uses unconventional coding practices and is basically all over the place.

The main issues are as follows:

  1. The "standard" they use to display frontend code is through php echo with double quotes (which means that escaping characters must be used).

EXAMPLE: Elements like php variables and even javascript are embeded in double quotes and echo'ed through php.

  1. There are many conditionals just appended as this monster code base grew to the point where in one file, alone, there are over 3000 lines of code which is all very procedural.

EXAMPLE: There are thousands of the basic atomic business variable like the number of grocery stores in a county. Each grocery store within a county may or may not be different that most but if it is the conditionals are used in a procedural php4 style. If the grocery store is in Mechlenburg County in North Carolina and is a Harris Teeter on Woodward Street then it should do this..and so on...for all the cases in which are different that most of the rest of the particular data.

  1. There are dependencies within the conditionals that are very dependent on them. For every case there are ifs or elses just thrown into the files.

EXAMPLE: If the grocery store is in Waycross Georgia dnd is a Food Lion on Apple Street, then include this file and define this constant needed to be sent to through a form to the session varible to set it so this logo they always use appears in the middle of the page and then disapears.

I do not have time to restructure the code (even if it means putting in some space between the logical yet displaced chuncks of code).

I'm currently looking into "Brakets" and installing numerous extensions to see if somehow I can visually see what I need to see in order to understand what is going on on a high level.

I know we have all been there done this but this is not good and I need some sort of temporary fix to be able to wrap my head around this code. There is talk of completely rebuilding the code in .net but for now I need some sort of solution.

I've been on the project for about four days and usually even in the worst of spaghetti code and organically grown legacy application projects and usually I would have some solution and/or understanding of how to tackle it but this time I'm just not seeing it. I've downloaded and researched so many different tools and tried them to see if they could do anything to assist but am still quite perplexed.

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