I am reading an ebook and I am looking for a software that summarizes the content of an ebook, so that I read only important content!! Is there any good software like this? By the Way I'm reading a technical ebook.

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    The tricky bit is what is "important" - you may already know 80% of the content but which 80% and how is any software to know - some technical books do provide a precis at the beginning, or event tests at the end, of each chapter. Apr 4 '15 at 11:18
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    @SteveBarnes same thing I always wondering. But obviously, it is possible, and solutions are available. Inder Gill: have you tried a Google search first (just follow the last link I gave) and checked some of the results? Did any of those work for you, or what were you missing?
    – Izzy
    Apr 4 '15 at 12:23

As I was searching the web, I found that nice link on CS.SE. Comments say that it would be really hard and long to achieve it. They said it would be "science fiction for today".

I guess you're aware of smmry.com, it's an online tool for your purpose. However, it can just summarize online articles and pdfs. The online article function is good, it summarized the test articles I used. The pdf function didn't work for me at all, I always got an error.

Actually, there are tons of software like smmry. But I think the guys at CS.SE got it straight: It simply isn't possible right now to summarize an ebook. At least you could try to convert it into a pdf and try out sites like smmry.com or freesumarizer.com.

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