I am trying to find a good Graphing Calculator software.

I am looking for one with a lot of features for 2D graphics (it may have no 3D support, it does not matter), and a nice GUI (easy to use).

It can be free or non-free, for Windows or Linux.

Please write a list with your best choices, and even a review or a link to one if possible!


You will like geogebra for your needs. It has a very professional 2d graphing interface and can handlea lot of geometry including variables so you ca draw a curve say parabola and have the constant of the functions changed through sliders.

Here is screen shot

enter image description here

Geogebra is not that good at plotting or viewing 3d graphs.

For 3d I will recommend Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

enter image description here

NOTE >> Both are free but Microsoft's is closed source and Geogebra is open source.

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