We are looking for a solution where we can render photorealistic 3D product images on a webserver or in the cloud.

Basically we want to create one 3D model per product and render it with different textures for creating all product images. Since the amount of combinations is quite huge and textures might be created on demand, pre-rendering them offline is no solution.

We tried creating models in Cinema 4D/Maya and rendering them with migenius RealityServer (iRay). Unfortunately we are facing compatibility issues when exporting to .mi files for migenius renderer.

Any other technology stack proposal? Is there any renderer which can be used server-side?


  • photorealistic
  • image output (e.g. JPEG)
  • server based
  • any mainstream 3D tool for creating assets
  • command-based/API based exchange of textures

Soft requirements:

  • fast render times
  • no enterprise pricing

Looking forward to any ideas!

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For a low cost modelling and rendering solution including the possibility of having in-house render farms take a look at Blender.

  • Price = Free
  • Command Line rendering = Yes
  • Photorealistic = Very
  • Image output = Lots of options including Jpeg
  • Server based = Both server and client usage
  • Server Farm Usage = Nice description here.
  • Management tools = See flamenco.

For an online rendering service there is a selection listed here.

  • Thanks Steve, I already had a look at Blender but since its not a commercial product, getting the right information is not so straight forward. Which render engine would you recommend?
    – SBehn
    Commented Apr 2, 2015 at 13:44
  • @SBehn - I have not done so much with Blender that I have required the use of other render engines, (yet), but I would suggest asking at blender.stackexchange.com, blenderartists.org or one of the sites listed at blender.org/support/user-community Commented Apr 2, 2015 at 15:51

While it doesn't do command line, you might want to look at the basic / free version of OneRender. It can import a few different formats and, photo-realistic is possible with the right combination of textures and native shaders.

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