I am looking for a tiny RSS feed reader that lives as a Windows icon.

When there is a new item, it pops up a notification.

Clicking the icon shows a list of recent items.

Clicking on an item opens your web browser at the URL of the item.


  • Portable (no need to install & can be used with no admin rights)
  • Runs on Windows 7 and later

As an example, Feedindicator is a similar program, but for Ubuntu:


Feedindicator supports multiple feeds, but this is not a requirement here, single-feed is OK.

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QuiteRSS is an open-source cross-platform RSS feed reader. Among its features:

  • Portable on Windows [Download link]
  • Minimizes to tray icon
  • Configuralble notifications, with pop-ups, sounds, and custom duration
  • Can be configured to show recent feeds on single click (default behavior is on double clicking the tray icon)
  • Clicking on a feed opens the page in the embedded browser. Clicking a toolbar icon, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-O opens it in the external browser.

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