I know there are several pieces of software which offer the ability to encrypt files client-side and other software which encrypts files server-side, but that's not what I want. I'm planning to begin using the cloud to sync files between my iDevices and Windows PC. I'm currently using iTunes, but this doesn't provides a true 'sync' feature (i.e. it doesn't update files automatically). My concern with using the cloud is that I want my files to be encrypted, but on the client side. So basically what I'm looking for is encryption software which will run on a Windows PC and iOS to allow decryption of files from the cloud (specifically OneDrive). As I don't want it to go through a third party to encrypt I expect the encryption key would sync via iTunes (just a suggestion).


  • Allows encryption of files before uploading to the cloud (OneDrive)
  • Is cross-platform (specifically between Windows PC and iOS)
  • Does NOT sync the encryption key through a third party (i.e. client-side encryption key created)
  • Is free software (I wish is to be free on Windows, but I don't mind paying a modest fee for the app for iOS i.e. between free (ideal) up to $4.99)

I have seen Prot-On, but I am unsure whether this is actually what I am looking for (anyone with personal experience may be able to help here, as the website doesn't make it clear to me).

Thanks in advance


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