I am looking for a tiny PHP script which allows web-based note taking.

I do not want a database, so notes should be stored in files. I even do not need a hierarchy.

One PHP file would be great but the actual premise is no database. It should be installed on a plugPC with limited disk space. So less than 300kb would be good.

Maybe it’s too simple for anybody to bother to upload and provide such a trivial tool.


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I ended up using FileThingie (which is a PHP file browser with integrated editor) and pointed it to an empty directory. For each note I now have to create a new file. Not very comfortable (because many clicks are necessary for creating and editing notes) and quite heavy (~2MB), but it works.

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Not exactly small, but it saves into plain text, and keeps revisions, so it might be of use - see SPNoter in this answer:

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