I'm looking for a piece of (preferably Windows) software where one can create a mindmap-like chart which can be navigated by clicking on a node.

Example: topic a is connected to topic b, and topic b is connected to topics c, d, and e. If you were to click on topic b, it'd center on topic b and show topics a, c, d, and e in a radial fashion around it, then if you were to click on topic d, it'd show topic b as being connected to it.

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The closest thing to this that I know of is TheBrain software. In response to a comment, here is a little more information. A little, because I've only started messing with the demo. From what I've seen so far, it seems better suited to handling large amounts of connected nodes/information than a mind mapping or concept map. As per the original question, the question itself describes the behavior of TheBrain's "Plex" feature which makes navigation through nodes in a network more manageable than a typical mind mapping application. You have to try it or visit jerrysbrain.com to see a web based example of same. It is better experienced than explained in words. Being an org-mode user myself, I am experimenting with org-brain, which is based on TheBrain, in the hopes that I can get many of the benefits of mindmapping inside org-mode. But that is only a helpful aside for the questioner to consider.

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After looking on and off for years for a good Mind Mapping software, I stumbled on Thinkcomposer fairly recently, and it had most everything I was looking for. I know that you can expand and collapse nodes as well as stacking them, both features I was looking for at the time.


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