I am looking for a software for Linux which could do the following:

  • Convert video from one file type to another
  • Split/join video files
  • Compress video files to reduce the size
  • Has a GUI
  • Free
  • Low learning curve

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You can use Avidemux:

  • Free and open-source
  • Runs on Linux / Mac OS X / Windows
  • GUI
  • Allows to split and join video files
  • Can encode a video
  • Pretty easy to use

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In Linux, especially Debian type (Ubuntu, Mint, etc ) you might look at WinFF for converting files "except .mkv". For .mkv , Transmageddon works well and is available from the Repository. Transmageddon doesn't do batch files. Just single files. WinFF does batch files, but not for .mkv. AVIDemux is an alternative, but a bit more complicated. In general usage, WinFF and Transmageddon seem to do what I need.

Links: WinFF & Transmageddon


On any OS like Win, Linux or Mac is Handbrake a very good Solution. The Overview is compact. Not thousand of pins to make manually changes - for all kinds of mobile devices and desktop solutions are predefined configurations available. (Build-in Device Presets) Support the most common Multimedia Files include Blu-ray or DVD. Easy to use. Open Source. 


KDENlive and OpenShot both meet your requirements.

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